"some existential blabbing to le crush"

Based on Ethan Hawke’s performance as Jesse in Richard Linklater’s BEFORE SUNRISE (1995).

Notes on the typography:

Inconsolata Medium - “problem”, “scattered”

I see a “problem” as something structured and solvable - pretty much like an error in a computer/machine. Inconsolata Medium is a common font used for computer coding. “scattered” has the same font because I think it’s something that happens organically, yet systematically - people move and settle themselves at places for a reason.

Bebas Neue Regular - “reincarnation”, “individual”, “unique”, and all the numbers

"reincarnation" is both a spiritual and contemporary belief. So I combined a modern, robust type with an increasing kerning between the letters to emphasize the interplay between spiritual/dreamy and real-time/reality.

Daniel Regular - “okay, alright. Um…”, “the past lives”, “an eternal soul”, “soul”, “modern souls”, “split”, “walking”

I used this font for words that define us as a human being, yet are very abstract and vague at the same time - after all, only humans are capable of assigning meanings and questions to things like “past lives” and “souls”. The hand-writing font feels light and improvised, which emphasizes the “free” flowing souls walking around on this planet.

Adobe Garamond Pro - the remaining text

This font works well for the overall feel to this story; it’s classic and clean, which I think conveys the simplicity and romance of the original story very well.

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